Urban Planning and Strategy

High level expertise is available in the areas of urban and regional strategic planning, social planning, economic and tourism strategy, sustainability and environmental strategy.

Strategy Hunter’s principal, David Crofts, provides multidisciplinary understanding of the policy and technical issues in these areas as well as of their inter-relationships, and supports this with high quality research and analysis. The growing importance of the triple and quadruple bottom line performance of organisations and sustainability reporting requires access to the multidisciplinary skills offered by this consultancy.

He has extensive experience in delivering a range off planning services to Governments, particularly local governments. These include development contribution plans, strategic plans, LEPs and planning proposals, development assessment, and statements of environmental effects (SEE)

He is a skilled facilitator of strategic planning, and strategy development, and has extensive experience of communicating successfully at all levels, from the community to senior Government ministers.

David has managed national reform programs from their inception, such as the Local Approvals Review Program, and has developed particular strengths in converting ideas and concepts into practical action.

As City Strategy Group Manager at Newcastle City Council for ten years, David directed a number of award winning initiatives that were influential in guiding Newcastle through the revitalisation process from a “steel town” to a vibrant service based economy. This work included the Newcastle Urban Strategy, the Newcastle Economic Development Strategy, the Newcastle Environmental Management Strategy, and Tourism Development Strategy, and the Community (Social) Plan. Each of these strategies have undergone considerable implementation.

David’s approach to strategy development is inclusive and aims to build partnerships with those who will ultimately deliver the strategy. David has considerable experience in practical strategy development involving multiple stakeholders with multiple objectives. He has considerable experience in the “place management” concept of area revitalisation, and having worked as a place manager and later directing “place management” activities.

David can assist your organisation produce policies, position statements and advocacy documents in order to progress your strategic objectives.Strategy