Through its principal, David crofts, Strategy Hunter can provide you with extensive experience in successfully communicating with a wide variety of audiences from local community members through to senior politicians. This communication has ranged from explaining and providing information on a matter of interest, such as at a public meeting, through to identifying issues of concern and developing solutions by facilitating a workshop of stakeholders. Often these have involved controversial issues.

He has regularly worked in diverse settings such as large meetings, small focus groups and one to one meetings with individuals. His multidisciplinary understanding of a wide range of technical issues, such as strategic planning, land use planning, asset management or sustainability enables David to reach a wide range of audiences and to explain matters in terms they can understand, without being condescending.

David can also apply these skills to written communication, ensuring that your message, whether it be a simple explanatory sheet, a complex position paper, or policy is effective and understandable. He is produced simple Q&A sheets for community members and co-authored cabinet submissions.

Whether it is devising a communication strategy or communicating directly with an specific stakeholder, Strategy Hunter can assist.